About us

At I-Tera, we combine state of the art DSP algorithms and VLSI design to develop high-value ASICs for leading telecom applications. Our solutions enable high performance, high speed, and low power optical transmissions beyond 400G. We care about turn-around time, and we do it by combining modeling, design, and verification into the same workflow.

Modeling and simulation of communication systems

We model the components along the signal path that compose a telecommunications network, and simulate the interplay between the system challenges and algorithmic solutions.

Digital communications

Our expertise in digital communication guides every step of the design process, from the analysis and definition of specifications, through the modeling of impairments, and the design of algorithms, blocks, and systems.

Digital signal processing

One of our core expertise, from which we relay to get to optimal and differentiated solutions at the design of IP blocks.

Error correcting codes

The understanding of architectures and theory we have allows the selection of the best options for each product requirement.

Optical and copper transceiver design

The team has experienced the design of optical and copper transceivers for multiple applications, with different specifications and operating conditions.

Design and verification of application specific integrated circuits

We have a complete frontend workflow, covering RTL design and verification, synthesis, and timing and power analysis.


Our team expertise

    40nm - 40Gb/s metro to submarine optical transceiver.

    28nm - 100Gb/s to 200Gb/s metro to submarine optical transceiver.

    16nm - 200Gb/s metro to long haul optical transceiver.

    16nm - 50Gb/s PAM4 copper transceiver.

    16nm - 25Gb/s NRZ copper transceiver IP.

    7nm - 400Gb/s to 800Gb/s datacenter to long haul optical transceiver.

    7nm - 400Gb/s datacenter optical transceiver.